About us

Supaplas Plastic Recycling cc was originally started in 1999 by Michael Eagar (in the industry since 1980) and his son Donovan (in the industry since 1996) focusing on specialising in polyethylene and polypropylene recycling only.

In 2001, Supaplas purchased a company that specialised in PET recycling and employed Rodney Alexander who was managing the company. Between 1999 and early 2001, the business recycled on average 70 ton per month.

Supaplas grew steadily over the next 9 to 10 years recycling on average 200 ton per month.


In 2013, Supaplas purchased their own property in Bellville South and are currently operating in a 4000 Square meter factory and recycling 400 ton per month.

We employ 65 production staff and supervision and do regular staff health and safety training on site.

The current management team are Michael Eagar, Donovan Eagar (technical), Rodney Alexander (Financial) and Elma Eagar (HR).